Open House for Prospective 8th Grade Applicants to the Academy of Information Technology at CHS and Parents will be held on January 15 from 6:00pm m- 8:00pm in the CHS Little Theater.
Applications for AOIT are now being accepted. Remember to press submit for the application, print the signature page with proper signatures, and mail to: Carencro High School, Attn: Joel Hilbun.
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AOIT is acknowledged by LPSS for their recognition by the National Academy Foundation
            	as a Model Academy.

LPSS Schools of Choice Director, Burnell LeJeune, AOIT Director, Kit Becnel, and CHS Principal, Ken Roebuck, hold a plaque presented to the Carencro High AOIT for their national recognition by the National Academy Foundation as a model academy.

Carencro AOIT has been chosen by the National Academy Foundation as only one of five academies in the NAF network of over 525 academies to participate in a "Best Practice Case Study" in the spring 2012. The CHS Academy team has been able to create a successful wide ranging work-based learning program that has established relationships with universities, community colleges, and the business community which support and enhance the capacity to provide 100% paid internships to all seniors. In addition, a system was created by Joel Hilbun, Co-Director, in evaluating AOIT's work-based learning program. These accomplishments demonstrate high fidelity to the NAF standards in the Work-based Learning element and will be documented to share with the national network.
Congratulations to Kit Becnel, AOIT Director, who presently is serving on the National Academy Foundation President's Committee 2011-2012 and on the NAF Internship Fellows 2011-2012.
Congratulations! Ed Gauthier, AOIT technology teacher, received his A Certification from CompTIA.
Lafayette IT Leaders speak about the AOIT Internship Program - link

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